The first thing you need to know about supplements is that your lifestyle and your goals will determine whether you need them or not!

Supplements may be useful if:

· You do a strict or particular diet.
· You are completine a detox to clean your system.
· You are an athlete and undergo rigourous training several times a day.
· You participate in fitness competitions.
Otherwis, a balanced diet tailored to your needs will do trick, and supplements are not necessary. Again it depends on your lifestyle! For example, if you straight from the gym to work, it would be worthwhile to prepare a small snack of dry fruit and nuts, or a protein shake. There is a wide variety of protein options, including as plant-based protein sources for vegetarians and vegans. It is always important to check the ingredients and favour natural supplements without ingredients such as sucralose, aspartame and maltodextrin etc. These is modified sugars that can have a negative impact on your health!
If you are just starting to train, I suggest the BCAA (amino acid) protein. It is a sufficient base. This will help in the recovery of the muscles.