Kalya is an ancient Sanskrit word representing health. Kalya.ca was born out of the friendship of 3 passionate souls focussed on healthy lifestyles. This unique combination of a personal trainer (Natacha), a nutrition expert (Kim) and a yoga teacher (Francois) brings about a refreshing perspective on personal health. Kalya approaches everything in a collective way, bringing depth and range to its articles.



Kim Naraine is a nutrition expert from Montreal. She studied nutritional science at McGill University, and has a background in biology and neuroscience research. She is passionate about health and wellness, and specializes in vegan and vegetarian recipe development, as well as food styling and photography. She believes in promoting an environmentally-conscious, animal-friendly, organic lifestyle through mindful eating. For a sample of her photos, please see Food Photography page.



Natacha Burelle is an a specialized trainer in fitness training, who is determined to help people! Training and well-being are a way of life and personal passion for her! Natacha loves to share her energy and bring variations to the routines of her clients, so that they will stay motivated and reach their objectives. Sharing her knowledge and helping people are two of her main goals. The words determination, will and endurance describe Natacha very well.



François Turgeon is a Hatha yoga teacher certified in Kripalu tradition. He received his certification at Studio United Yoga with Kelly Mcgrath in 2012. He continued his studies in New York in 2013, where he obtained a special certification to teach yoga in correctional facilities and prisons . This workshop was given by the James Fox Yoga Prison Project . François has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and teaches at Studio Bliss in the Plateau (Montreal).

Photography by Phil Louis